Bright minds, all together now.

We are passionate about personal growth, collaboration, respect, adventure, support, wellbeing, sharing knowledge, outdoor lifestyle and everything that brings us closer to a happier life.

The idea has been born as a housing solution, aiming to provide safe and accessible temporary accommodations.

The project

We feel it is about time to properly welcome professional tourism in Mallorca, and actually support everyone involved.
Our aim is to welcome remote workers, digital nomads, freelancers and like-minded professionals, into verified properties where they can feel welcome and understood.

Our goal

It is our mission to properly connect the Coliving community with our trusted hosts in their verified properties.
We ensure you life-changing experiences.

Personal note by the founder:

‘Life is out there’

The concept of community life arrived from my own experiences as a young professional abroad, sometimes as a traveller with a laptop in my backpack, but most of the time as a nomad person, moving from city to city with all my belongings in a funny suitcase.
I was craving to immerse myself in the culture of the places I was visiting, by staying a little bit longer.

But who knew that finding a temporary roof over your head could be so stressful? A lot of wasted time looking for housing options that suit my needs and lots of people willing to deceive you.
And paying a month-commission for a viewing service? Really?

Regardless of this, I have enjoyed the dynamic between living in modern cities or countryside villages. And it has always proved me right, it is the interaction that makes each of these experiences special.
We care about furniture design and comfort, but spaces are not homes until we humanize them.

It is the precious value of surrounding yourself with like-minded people that allows you to skyrocket your ideas, share your skills and learn something new every single day.

Discover your happy place.

We would love to inspire you to enjoy the world from a new and exciting place.

It is no secret that scams are pretty easy to pull off online, most of the times you don’t get what you are paying for or you get nothing at all.
We offer reliable and verified accommodations that are safe and within your budget. Flexible leases and all-inclusive housing. No hidden fees for dog’s sake!

It is our purpose to welcome you into our trusted, ready-to-move-in coliving places, with no money surprises once you arrive here.

We hope these experiences improve your life in means that you do not yet imagine.

Sincere love,

‘Together we stand, divided we fall’
Pink Floyd, Hey You, 1979.

Please feel free to contact us for any doubt or suggestion.

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Find us on Parc Bit,
Parc Balear d'Innovació Tecnològica,
Palma de Mallorca.

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