Holidays while working!

Temporarily relocating to Mallorca is a life-changing move that will-must-should improve your lifestyle.

We are here to make that happen!


Please leave us your contact details so we can arrange your application.

Welcome to Mallorca, Spain.

Main reasons to consider this Mediterranean island your happy place:

  • Amazing Spanish lifestyle, where most of your life happens outdoors. Mallorca has a lovely landscape and coastline that welcomes you every single season of the year.

  • If you like outdoor sports, this is the place to be! Mallorca is a famous destination for cycling, hiking, golf, surfing, sailing, fishing, snorkelling, climbing, bird watching, you name it, you’ll find it!

  • La Serra de Tramuntana, a mountain range with peaks over 1000m. Awarded World Heritage Status by UNESCO, in 2011, as an area of great physical and cultural significance.

  • What about heaven look-alike sand beaches? There are hundreds of lovely golden beaches, some of them with tiny hidden coves to discover.

  • Let’s talk about food and wine!
    The central plain of the island is home to the old vineyards producing delicious local wines.

    Rooted in local traditions and ingredients that can be found on the island, we must take our hats off for the organic Olive Oil, sea salt, tomatoes and olives found across the island.

    Get your job done & enjoy the outdoors!

If you have any other doubt or concerns, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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